A Beginner’s Guide To Fuses And Circuit Breakers

Circuit breaker box

If you’ve ever had a power outage in your home, you’ve likely had to either flip a tripped circuit breaker switch or replace a blown fuse.   While fuses and circuit breakers serve the same general purpose, which is to prevent electrical fires and equipment damage, they have different functions.  Understanding their main similarities and differences … Read more

What To Know About Residential Electrical Wiring Before Attempting A Fix

Electrician working on an outlet

When something goes wrong with the electrical wiring in your home, it can seem intimidating to try and tackle a fix yourself. However, with the right understanding of residential electrical systems and safety precautions, minor wiring projects are manageable for some do-it-yourselfers.  In this guide, we’ll outline some important factors you’ll want to consider before … Read more

Electrical Safety First: Why Regular Inspections and Maintenance are Crucial

Electrical safety inspection

Your home or business relies heavily on electricity for everyday activities. So much so, that you make take it for granted until the lights go out. Stopping to consider safety risks and routine maintenance is important in avoiding hazardous situations.  Regular inspections and maintenance are crucial for ensuring electrical safety. They can stop electrical problems … Read more

Don’t Ignore These Electrical Problems You May Have at Home

power strips

Don’t Ignore These Electrical Problems You May Have At Home It’s easy to miss or ignore seemingly small and harmless electrical problems at home when you have a lot of things to do in a day. Perhaps you’ve noticed loose wiring in your bedroom or a discolored outlet in the kitchen, but decided to shrug … Read more