Commercial Drain Cleaning Services For Amarillo, Texas Area Buildings

Scottco Is Experienced In Diagnosis And Repair To Take Care Of All Your Drain Problems

Our goal is to not only clear your drain but help prevent stoppages from occurring in the future. We also offer water-jetting service and carry excellent drain maintenance products that will help keep your lines running clear and control root intrusion.

Root Maintenance

Scottco can help with your sewer root intrusion problems with an application of RootX. The patented foaming herbicidal formula kills roots and inhibits regrowth. Used alone – or after mechanical root-cutting when blockage is severe – RootX kills roots so that they naturally begin to decay within 12 weeks. Any remaining roots are stunted. Nine months later, roots are virtually gone and the pipe is at full capacity.

Drain Maintenance

Scottco features Bio-Clean which is a mixture of cultivated friendly bacteria and enzymes which feast on organic material that can clog drain and sewer pipes. Unlike hot, dangerous drain cleaning chemicals, Bio-Clean keeps the inside of the pipe clean without harming the pipe. With regular treatment – sinks, drains, urinals and commodes will remain free-running and the integrity of the drainage system will remain intact for years.

We’re fully licensed, bonded and insured. Call Scottco for your commercial drain cleaning needs – 806-355-4663.

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