Heating Repair and Maintenance Services 

Scottco specializes in providing fast heating services and installation services in Amarillo, Texas

  • Noisy equipment
  • Excessive utility bills
  • Some rooms are too hot, some too cold
  • Humidity builds up on the inside of windows
  • Excessive dust in the house and on vents
Image of Scottco technician performing a home heating repair

These are only a fraction of the home heating problems you may be experiencing. Keeping your home’s heating system operating in top condition or installing a more energy-efficient model not only keeps you warm but also saves you money.  

Our certified technicians have extensive experience and knowledge of all types of home heating systems from furnaces to heat pumps. We’re ready to diagnose your home heating problem and repair it in a timely and professional manner. Schedule your free consultation now! 

Learn More About Our Heating Installation and Repair Services 

Heating Repair Services 

When your home’s heating system unexpectedly breaks down in the dead of winter, you need emergency heating repair services right away. Our skilled technicians are available for prompt commercial heating repair and residential work. 

Heating Tune-Up and Maintenance Services 

Prevent heating breakdowns this winter. Regular furnace maintenance and heating system tune-ups are essential to ensure safe, reliable warmth and efficiency. 

Heating Replacement and Installation Services 

Is your heating system old, inefficient or experiencing severe issues? It may be time for heating system replacement. We provide reliable professional installation of new furnaces, heat pumps, boilers and in-floor heating systems. 

Air Duct and Vent Repair, Installation, and Replacement 

Blocked heating and AC air ducts reduce system efficiency. We expertly repair and replace supply and return ductwork and vents. 

Thermostat Repair, Installation, and Replacement 

An outdated or broken thermostat compromises comfort and efficiency. We offer prompt repair services to get your system control functioning properly again. 

Indoor Air Quality Products 

Explore our range of top-tier air quality products to improve indoor air quality in your home or business. We offer a wide variety of air quality products that utilize innovative technology for the comprehensive detection of disease and contaminants in both residential and commercial settings. 

Whole House Humidifier Repair, Installation, and Replacement 

If you have a whole house humidifier you want to make sure it’s working at its best. Regular maintenance and service on your whole system will ensure it’s always working to provide you with better quality air inside.o provide you with better quality air inside. 

Heat repair is only a phone call away, don’t wait! Get FAST, friendly, courteous service from the best-trained heating and air contractors in the Amarillo, Texas area. Call 806-355-4663 or schedule service today