Home Maintenance and Repair Made Easy for Your Amarillo, TX Area Home 

We believe a Scottco Super Service Club membership is one of the smartest investments you can make for your home. As a member, you’ll not only get priority service and our lowest rates on repairs, but you will also receive maintenance that can provide the following benefits: 

  • Lower monthly bills 
  • Extend the life of your system 
  • Reduce breakdowns 

Membership Benefits 

HVAC maintenance tune-ups 

Recommended by manufacturers and utilities alike, regularly scheduled heating and air service can reduce breakdowns and lower utility bills! As a member, you’ll get your heating and cooling equipment in tip-top shape with an annual heater, tune-up, and an annual air conditioning tune-up. 

You won’t have to worry about forgetting or delaying this important task with our subscription service. Our technicians will arrive on time to carefully check, clean, and improve your equipment. We catch small problems early before they become expensive breakdowns.  

Your system will also run better, which will save you money on heating and cooling bills every month.

Plumbing check-up 

Your peace of mind is our goal and a home maintenance schedule can help prevent plumbing failures that wreak havoc on your home.  

We will assess your home’s plumbing system each year to ensure it is in safe operating condition. We will alert you to potential problems before they become disruptive emergencies. 

One of our skilled plumbers will come out and evaluate your home’s plumbing system including pipes, fixtures, water heater, and more.  

Small problems can be repaired on the spot. For larger concerns, you get upfront advice and estimates. No surprise emergencies, no panicked calls to the plumber. Just solid maintenance protecting your plumbing’s condition year after year with our home maintenance services.  

Home safety electrical check-up 

Receive a thorough inspection of your home’s most important electrical equipment. Performing this evaluation can help reduce the potential for disastrous failures in the future. 

During the check-up, we will carefully evaluate your home’s electrical panel, wiring, outlets, and more… We’ll look for wiring issues and potential fire risks.  

We can resolve small problems immediately to maintain optimal performance and safety. For larger needs, you receive straightforward explanations and estimates allowing informed decisions without surprise costs.  

This electrical check-up isn’t a quick scan but a meticulous examination. Make it part of your annual home maintenance!  

We will keep track of the schedule 

Relax – we will call you! As a Super Service Club member, we’ll call you to schedule your checks, so you don’t have to worry about it! 

Additional Benefits 

  • Priority Service 
  • Up to 20% off all repairs 
  • No emergency service fees 
  • Special coupons 

You also can transfer your membership to your new home or the buyer of the home you are selling. It’s your choice! 

Join our home maintenance subscription service today! The Super Service Club is currently only available to homes located in the immediate Amarillo and Canyon area – Call 806-355-HOME.