Water Audit

Home Water Audits For Amarillo, Texas Area Homes

Home Water Audits to help with Conservation Efforts

A household water audit is an assessment of how much water is currently being used and how much water can be saved by following conservation practices and making simple improvements.

The purpose of a water audit is to educate customers about the wise use of water, and to make their homes as water efficient as possible.

The 50-point water audit includes:

  • Identifying water leaks
  • Checking condition of water heater(s)
  • Checking condition of water lines for leaks and corroding
  • Checking for inefficient plumbing fixtures such as toilets and faucets
  • Installing complimentary low-flow aerators, if needed
  • Checking incoming water pressure
  • Checking condition of outside faucet
  • Reviewing irrigation schedule and make recommendations if needed
  • Checking for broken sprinkler heads and excessive runoff

Scottco is the Amarillo area’s first fully licensed GreenPlumber contractor. The GreenPlumbers® organization facilitates a national training and accreditation program that assists plumbers in understanding their role in the environment and public health. The organization’s goal is to train and deploy a green army of thousands of plumbers to promote the benefits of water conservation and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The focus is on changing consumer and plumbing behavior through the use of energy efficiency and water saving technologies.

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