AC flow diagram

The Main Parts of Your Air Conditioner

These days, almost all homes have an air conditioner. After all, it keeps the place cool and comfortable for the residents. But, while people use it, not everybody knows how exactly these machines work. For you to have an idea, read about the 5 main parts of an AC, according to our experts for HVAC repair in Amarillo, TX.


This can be considered the blood of the air conditioner. It absorbs the hot air from indoors as it loops inside the copper coils.

During the refrigerant’s cycle, its state changes continuously from gas to liquid then back, dispersing the heat outside. After releasing the heat, it evaporates and cools down along the way. The cold air produced is blown indoors by a fan, lowering the room’s temperature. This cooling cycle continues as long as the air conditioner is turned on.


According to our technicians for air compressor repair in Amarillo, TX, this component is the heart of the AC. As its name suggests, it compresses the gaseous refrigerant, squeezing the air molecules, allowing the chemical to absorb more warm air. This spurs the refrigerant to move and circulate throughout the unit.

Condenser Coil

This component is located outdoors. If the compressor raises the refrigerant’s temperature, the condenser coil lowers it. This allows the gas to condensate, releasing the heat from the refrigerant and depressurizing the now liquid chemical. To say it simply, it’s the air conditioner’s heat transfer facilitator.

Expansion Valve

While the condenser coils lower the refrigerant’s temperature, some heat remains in the liquid. For the fluid to fully cool down, it must first enter the expansion valve.

Also known as the metering device, the expansion valve further releases the pressure inside the refrigerant. This process disperses the heat, fully cooling the fluid down. Aside from that, it controls the flow at which the liquid enters the evaporator.

Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is the component that transfers indoor heat to the ac system, allowing the whole cooling cycle to be possible.

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From the refrigerant to the evaporator coils, these 5 parts are responsible for making your air conditioner work. Meanwhile, if it seems like your AC isn’t working properly, reaching out to trusted technicians can help. Call Scottco Mechanical for HVAC repair in Amarillo, TX.